Netter’s Neuroscience Flash Cards 2nd Edition ePub PDF download

Book Name: Netter’s Neuroscience Flash Cards 2nd Edition
Author: David L. Felten
Publisher:Saunders; 2 edition
ISBN-10: 978-1437709407,
Year: 2010
Pages: 471
Language: English
File size: 19 MB
File format: PDF,EPUB

Download Netter’s Neuroscience Flash Cards 2nd Edition Pdf Book Description:

These mobile, upgraded cards allow you to quiz yourself on human anatomy, pathophysiology, and clinical demonstration. They now consist of imaging material and offer enhanced clinical correlations and brand new concept summaries. Illustrations from Netter’s Atlas of Neuroscience, 2nd Ed., highlight the principles of human neuroscience to get a fast, yet comprehensive review, full with tagging, explanations, and colour codes which cross reference the atlas.Master the clinical and structures factors most important to some fundamental medical neuroscience course.Use the cards prior to examinations or boards, or even during clinical rotations, residency, or even in clinic for a quick overview of these nervous system.Cross-reference using Netter’s Atlas of Neuroscience, 2nd Ed. For more info about any topic.Review clinical’pearls’ and useful overview information about the back of every card to comprehend the clinical consequences of neuroscience concepts.Use the card collection’s pre punched holes along with suitable binding ring to take chosen collections of flash cards along with you anywhere.View longer neuroimaging examples to evaluate your grasp of the important topic. My main complaint about them and also why I gave 3 stars instead of 4 would be that maybe they had been somewhat too comprehensive. You will find several topics about the cards which weren’t covered in my preclinical med college program. The cards had a whole lot of text onto them, which had been useful in the sense that there was lots of helpful info but at precisely the exact same time kind of overpowering since there was so much text (I am speaking a paragraph or two, not a few sentences on the trunk ). I didn’t get the corresponding textbook, therefore I don’t have any clue how they yell. I am also a preclinical pupil, so I Don’t Have Any idea how valuable it will be studying to get a neurology rotation


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