Abdul Alhazred – Necronomicon PDF full english book

Necronomicon was written in 738 by a poet named Abduh Alhazred, born in Yemen (a country in Western Asia) and living in Damascus (modern Syria). In the 8th century, Alhazred was not only a poet, but he was also an explorer and a translation master, he traveled many lands, from the Middle East to Europe.

Abdul Alhazred – Necronomicon PDF

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Alhazred records unimaginable things about our world tells of ancient creatures with magical power that ruled this world and especially a sleeping monster named Cthulhu.

This book also records the ancient magic that is hidden in every page of the book, a power that ordinary humans cannot control. The outcome of those who found it was not really good, they were engulfed in the madness of the book. Even the author of this book disappeared shortly after the book was written around 738 AD.

There are many “fake” Necronomicon books online, drawn by fans of this book. The version I share here for you to see is extremely rare, taken from Group DWC. The language in the book is an ancient language, so I can’t read it, but the book was drawn in the 8th century, but after watching it, I found a lot of strange things related to it. many things in the 21st century now. Take a look, and if you realize anything, leave a comment to share with me!

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