Neale’s Disorders of the Foot 8th edition PDF free download

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Neale's Disorders of the Foot 8th edition

Neale’s Disorders of the Foot 8th edition PDF free download – Communications are the most useful/vital component part of clinicians’ skills, allowing them to manage patients effectively and efficiently. It is apparent that, in a litigious society, failure to communicate to, with and about our patients is a primary cause of many cases against practitioners. It is failure to communicate with the patient from the start, in our history taking, that may lead to misdiagnoses, poor management strategy or poor compliance by the patient. Failure to communicate properly what occurred during the consultation phase, and to document the management strategy and agreement by the patient in the case record leads to many cases of complaint, disciplinary procedures or litigation by patients against podiatrists. The process by which clinicians gain, analyse or interpret the information that the patient imparts to them is, by and large, an invisible process, but it gives visible and resultant shape to the data compiled throughout the consultation and clinical interactions. ‘Clinical thinking’ is a name given to that invisible process (Bates 1995). It is a process demonstrated and observed during training but developed and honed by experience and continuous professional development of clinical and academic skills. It is a skill that is acquired rather than taught, as it is very much based on clinical experience and judgement

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