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Book Name: Natural Killer Cell Protocols: Cellular and Molecular Methods Vol. 612 2nd Edition
Language: English
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Since the research has continued, it has become increasingly obvious that natural killer (NK) cells are crucial sentinels of this innate immune reaction, playing significant roles in protecting the body from several cancer and pathogens as well as leading to normal pregnancy and affecting the results of transplantation. Though the first edition provided a useful group of classical cellular and in vivo methods to research NK cell works, the Second Edition of”Natural Killer Cell Protocols: Cellular and Molecular Methods” brings together more recently developed techniques, more refined methods, and comprehensive protocols made to research NK cells inside technical tissue websites in both humans and mice. Inside this assortment of methods, global leaders in the area cover subjects which range from the evaluation of the several phases of NK cell growth and maturation to technical methods for the identification of ligands for NK cell receptors.

This volume also has an appendix, offering a rich source labelled available reagents to research NK cells, including cross-referencing KIR nomenclature, and detailing the numerous HLA ligands for various KIR relatives. As a volume in the highly effective Approaches in Molecular Biology™ chain structure, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the essential materials and reagents, incremental, easily reproducible lab protocols, and comprehensive notes segments, highlighting hints on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Comprehensive and cutting-edge,”Natural Killer Cell Protocols: Cellular and Molecular procedures, Second Edition” attempts to assist scientists and further improve our comprehension of the roles, maturation, and regulation of the dynamic and fascinating cells.


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