Must-have Apps During Summer Traveling

Must-have Apps During Summer Traveling 1

As the pandemic restrictions are slowly being lifted and some parts of the world are coming back to normal life, it is high time to plan our summer travels and think about the best ways to make things enjoyable and safe. In addition to having all of your documents properly translated to booking the cheapest hotel deals on time, you should also think about exploring various customs and doing your best to immerse yourself in the lives of the locals. Of course, it does not have to cost a fortune because some of the best apps that you might find useful as you travel are free. Just think about spicing your journey with a great app that will help you have fun and learn!

The Must-have Apps As You Travel In Summer

Dark Sky

This great summertime app will make iOS users happy as it costs only $3.99 per month and helps you to find out the latest weather forecast. Unlike many other systems, it lets you find the latest news even an hour ahead of time. It is simple and clear, which is always useful when you need to plan your kayak trip or want to dress up for the evening meal. Likewise, if you are thinking about business matters, it is just as important as learning about the best translation apps for business purposes. Since we are dealing with summer, it is always good to avoid the rain and stay away from the heat, especially if some waiting is involved.

Gas Buddy

It is one of the best apps (Android / iOS) that helps you to fight high gas prices. Basically, it lets you save up significantly as it will provide you with the best gas price options. You can also participate in a special competition as you report the best gas prices as you travel. You can win up to $100 daily! The app is also free!


As you travel in summer, you also need to keep fit and happy. Installing RunKeeper (both Android and iOS platforms) free of charge will help you enjoy your journeys way more as you can track your running sessions, physical exercises, weight matters, heart rate, and even various personal goals like talking to your best friend in the evening or cooking something delicious.


It is a special app that helps you find those unbooked hotel rooms at the last minute and receive huge discounts. It is the best for traveling through Europe or the United Kingdom. The closer you are to the date, the better. If you are stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere or need some rest as you drive, just check this app and it will offer something affordable next to your current location. If you need to rent a house for a longer period of time, though, it is better to think about a rental contract and contact cheap translation services just to be safe. In any case, you should study all the options and something will definitely be there!


It is a great app that can help track plans in real-time. It is aimed at plane aficionados, hobbyists, or airline passengers. It is absolutely free and will make your summer even more interesting for both young and old as you can step into the imaginary, yet real control tower remotely and spot any plane in the sky. Just point at the flashing dot and it will instantly tell you about what flight it is. Your kids will enjoy it as well!

Google Maps

Think about having real-time traffic and destinations anywhere. It has maps of everywhere with pictures, which will always help you. You can also download offline maps just for your safety. If you seek entertainment, it will offer you a list of restaurants and activities for the young ones. You can also plan your trip as you study the map in advance.

Kindle e-Reader

If you want to read next to the shiny pool or discover something interesting on the beach, consider this great app that is available for Android and iOS. You can download thousands of books in advance and stop worrying about having an online connection.

The Safety Matters

Must-have Apps During Summer Traveling 2

Even when you are having fun and sit with the locals somewhere abroad, always remember about personal safety and not drinking too much. Keep your head and eyes covered from the sun and do not forget about protective sunscreens. If you have any chronic conditions, wear your medical ID bracelet and have all of your healthcare insurance documents along with you if you have a possibility.

At the same time, do not carry too much cash unless it is absolutely necessary and always let someone know where you are planning to go and keep the emergency number along with you. While traveling in summer is generally safe, it is better to be cautious and learn what places to avoid. As a rule, if you remain respectful, patient, and show genuine care, people will often pay you back the same way!


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