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Mother Courage and Her Children

Mother Courage and Her Children PDF

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Mother Courage and Her Children PDF are a play written in 1939 by the poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956). Brecht’s greatest and also considered one of the greatest plays of the 20th century, and perhaps the greatest anti-war manifesto of all time.

Written in less than a month, the Courageous Mother and Her children are one of the nine plays that Brecht wrote in every effort to combat the rise of Fascism. founded in the 17th century, during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), talked about the slyness of the Courageous Mother (also known as “Canteen Anna”) to the Swedish army. In the process of participating, the Courageous Mother lost all three of her children: the youngest son of Swiss Cheese (Feyos), the eldest son Eilif, and her Dumb daughter Kattrin.

The action of the play takes place during 12 years (1624-1636) in Europe, represented in 12 scenes with the content:

“While sergeant recruitment officers are complaining about the difficulty of recruiting Using soldiers during the war, Canteen Anna (Brave Mother) came, pulled a basket of food and wine to sell to the soldiers. Courageous Mother introduces them the youngest Son of Swiss Cheese (Feyos), Elder Son Eilif and Her Dumb Daughter Kattrin. Sergeant negotiate with Mother Courage for Eilif to enlist.

Two years later, on the background of the song “The Fishwife and the Soldier”, Courageous Mother advises Eilif, his son, to not endanger himself. Three years later, the youngest son, Swiss Cheese (Feyos), works as a salaryman in the army. Around the same time, Kattrin worked in the prostitute camp, with the song “Brotherhood Love Song,” Courageous Mother warned Kattrin to oppose her dedication to the soldiers.

To be safe, Courageous Mother and Her children PDF changed the badges from Protestant to Catholic. Feyos was captured by the Catholics. Courageous Mother tried to talk to the soldiers to free her children; but failed, Feyos was killed. Fearing to be shot like an accomplice, the Courageous Mother did not dare to admit her own son.

Courageous mother cursed the war because she saw Kattrin deformed after being raped by salespeople. Then the Courageous Mother once again joined the Protestant army.

Sensing that peace had begun, the peasants began to trade, Courageous Mother Goodbye to the town, while Eilif brought soldiers to suppress and kill the peasants. Courageous mother did not know. The war began again!

During the seventeenth year of the war, without food and without supplies, Courageous Mother and Kattrin pretended to live by their wagon.

The Catholic army attacked the small towns of Halle. While Courageous Mother is far from town, Kattrin is spotted by a search party. She used the drum to wake people up, but that made her shot. Early in the morning, the Courageous Mother sang on the daughter of Kattrin’s daughter while the farmers buried her. ”

Brecht used the Epic structure to keep the audience focused on the issues being displayed rather than relating to the characters and emotions. He used the concept of Verfremdungseffekt (epic theater, narrative, nondramatic) to refer to a specific tactic of his theater / narrative, absurd plays against the traditional theater. According to Brecht, Verfremdungseffekt is a theater tactic that makes drama viewers aware that they are watching a play rather than witnessing a real story taking place: “The stage is the stage, not the stage. is the real world. ” Meanwhile, the traditional stage requires the actor to transform into the character, that is, “role-playing” to perform for a play like real life, making viewers also fascinated in the story. of the play,

The first play was produced at Schauspielhaus Zürich, Switzerland, under the production of Leopold Lindtberg in 1941. The play was then re-performed in Germany, USA, UK, China, etc. And most recently in 2013, Ms. Courageous mother and her children are staged in Queensland, Australia.

Courageous mother and her children are the inspiration for many other works such as newspaper, painting, music, film, … worldwide.

After the 1941 concert in Switzerland, Brecht believed that the critic had misunderstood his play. While many people have a crush on the Courageous Mother, Brecht’s goal is to show that the Courageous Mother was wrong for not understanding the situation she and her children were in, she was not described as a character. Noble. Brecht changed the playing style for 1,949 concerts in East Berlin to make Brave Mom less sympathetic to the audience. However, these changes did not significantly change the audience’s sympathy for the Courageous Mother.

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