Modern Full-Stack Development PDF free download (Github)

Details about Modern Full-Stack Development. Using TypeScript, React, Node.js, Webpack, and Docker

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Modern Full-Stack Development PDF

Modern Full-Stack Development PDF free download (Github) – In this book, we’ll be building two full apps that will demonstrate all the concepts that we’ll be discussing along the way in a practical manner. Far from being just simple, contrived bits of code, these are two full apps which are functional and useful (and even fun, given that one of them is a game, which will provide you a whole new way of looking at coding). As we do so, you’ll get insight into the thinking that went into them, their design and architecture, so you get a holistic picture of what’s involved in building something like these two apps.

You will even, here and there, get some notes about issues I faced and how I resolved them, things that will almost certainly help you achieve your goals as you charge onward into your own projects. To start, we’ll look at what is most usually (though not exclusively, as you’ll learn!) the purview of the server side. Remember that we’re talking “full-stack” development here, which means you’ll be learning about coding clients as well as the server code they make use of in order to form a cohesive, whole application. In this chapter, we’ll begin by looking at two extremely popular tools for developing servers: Node.js and NPM.

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