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Moby Dick PDF was first published in 1951. The work is the narration of the character Sailor Ishmael about the haunting quest of Ahab – the captain of a whaling ship.

On the journey, Ishmael soon realized that Ahab had the purpose of finding the white whale named Moby Dick. It was a very intelligent, aggressive, mysterious whale. In a previous encounter, the whale destroyed Ahab’s boat, biting off the captain’s leg, so he is now determined to avenge.

Ahab’s reward boat is always on track, following Moby Dick. On the last hunting trip, a duel between the hunters and the whale took place.

The author writes the book based on his experience on the sea, reading books about whales, inspired by the works of Shakespeare and the Bible. The white whale depicted in the work is based on a real whale, and the end of the work is based on an event of a ship sinking by a whale.

In Moby Dick, author Melville uses stylized, linguistic and metaphorical symbols to open many complex topics such as life on a whale-hunting ship among crews of diverse cultural and communal levels Assembly, good and evil and the existence of God … In addition to prose, Melville also uses many other styles and literary genres in the work, from the songs, poems, structures in the stage works of Shakespeare, speeches…

When author Herman Melville was still alive, the work was not truly successful. Only 3,200 copies were sold during the author’s lifetime. By the time of his death (in 1891), the name Herman Melville was almost forgotten. But later studies made the novel Moby Dick – White Whale the best work of American literature.

Around the 1900s, some critics spent time researching and praising Melville and his novels. In 1917, author Carl Van Doren was the first to praise Melville; his 1921 study “The American Novel” called Moby Dick – The Whale the pinnacle of American romanticism.

A book illustrating the novel Moby Dick was published in 1930. The novel has been adapted and inspired many works of art such as movies, books, cartoons, television, and More than a dozen comic versions.

In 2017, in the poet’s Nobel Prize speech, musician Bob Dylan cited Moby Dick and said it was one of the three most influential books for him.

Writer Herman Melville (1819-1891) was born and lived in New York. He is a writer, poet, and essayist. The first novels of his career were bestsellers and best sellers. But Melville’s reputation dropped dramatically a few years later. Around the time Melville died, he was almost forgotten.

However, the novel Moby Dick was rediscovered in the 20th century, considered one of the leading masterpieces of American literature in particular, world literature in general.

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