Miss Lattimore’s Letter – Suzanne Allain ePub PDF download

Miss Lattimore’s Letter – Suzanne Allain

223 Pages – 2022 – 2.8 MB – 1314 Downloads – English

Miss Lattimore's Letter - Suzanne Allain ePub PDF

It had been many years since Sophronia Lattimore had used her fan as a means of flirtatious communication. As a poor relation of eight-and-twenty, she was now too firmly ensconced amongst the chaperones to try to attract a gentleman’s attention, but if one had noticed the frantic waving of her fan he could have no doubt of the message it was sending: Sophie was desperately overheated. And she was not the only lady so afflicted. Odors of perfume and perspiration mingled in the warm air, causing Sophie to feel so stifled she determined she must escape into the cool night if she were to maintain consciousness. Thankfully her cousin had just joined a set, so Sophie had some time before Cecilia would be looking for her.

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