Mirror’s Edge by Scott Westerfeld ePub PDF free download

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Mirror's Edge by Scott Westerfeld ePub PDF

Mirror’s Edge by Scott Westerfeld ePub PDF free download – Woven from filaments a thousand times thinner than human hair, the hundred-meter craft weighs almost nothing. Inside is hard vacuum—a profound emptiness with more lift than hydrogen. We dangle from the undercarriage, seven commandoes, watching the earth fall away below us. We’re thirty thousand meters up. Halfway to the drop height. Tonight I’m going home. The city of Shreve, where my father rules with force and lies, isn’t going to welcome us. So we’re floating to the top of the stratosphere, then falling like an unexpected rain. At this altitude, the weather is a rippled sheet of clouds spread out beneath my feet. The outline of the continent peeks through, framing the great wheel of a tropical storm in the Gulf. The tendrils of the Mississippi floodplain reflect the sky. The midwest glows softly, covered with a pale expanse of white weed, an engineered species that chokes out all other life. But the most headspinning sight is a bright sun hanging in a black sky. We’ve almost reached the fringe of space, the atmosphere a fragile band of blue hugging the curved horizon. From his position beside me, Col reaches out to grasp my shoulder. Our pressure suits are too stealthy for radios, but his voice is carried by touch.

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