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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

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Mindset is nothing more than a set of beliefs that exist in our minds. These beliefs can be positive or negative in terms of intelligence, talent or background received by each person from society, family, friends, education, etc. and they significantly affect, if not decisive, a person’s quality of life.

Mindset is divided into two forms: those who believe that each person’s quality of life is determined by innate talent, genetics or destiny, they have a fixed-mindset, and those who believe that the quality of life has. change through effort, acceptance of failure, a willingness to learn, etc. then they have growth-mindset. The author and his collaborators have provided vivid examples of two types of mindset in different fields such as sports, business, education, relationships, etc. And the great thing about the book is that not only does the author give examples, but the author also provides solutions for moving from fixed mindset to growth mindset in each sector.

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