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The new book Midnight Sun will be told from the perspective of vampire Edward Cullen. “I’m not sure this is the right time to bring this book out, but some readers have waited too long and can’t seem to wait any more,” said Stephenie Meyer.

Little, Brown and Company(USA) said that through the new book, readers will see Meyer redraw the classic love legend of Hades and Persephone under the romantic love story of young Bella Swan with vampires. Edward Cullen: intense love, difference, desire, loyalty and solidarity.

Midnight Sun

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The difference is that this unforgettable story told from the perspective of Edward will bring a very different color than the previous Twilight episodes. “It will be the feeling of meeting the beautiful and mysterious Bella girl for the first time and all the most intriguing and intimidating events he has experienced in his long vampire life,” said Little. Brown and Company said.

The book promises to help readers understand more intriguing details about Edward’s past and the complexity of his inner thoughts and understand why loving and marrying Bella is a defining struggle in the life of Edward yourself.

Twelve years ago, Stephenie Meyer had intended to launch this book but the manuscript of the Midnight Sun suddenly appeared illegally on the internet causing the plan to collapse. Meyer has called it a serious copyright violation.

At that time, Stephenie Meyer said that if she tried to write the Midnight Sun, it would be possible for James (a vampire to follow Bella) to win and all the Cullens would die, which would not fit the story origin.

After that, the author started the Midnight Sun as a writing exercise. The more he wrote, the more he believed that Edward deserved to tell his story. Initially, she intended to post it all on her website, but changed her mind because Edward’s thoughts were much longer than Bella.

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