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Microsoft Teams is a great chat, teamwork, and teamwork application from the giant Microsoft. Microsoft Teams application not only provides comprehensive support for users’ online work but also incorporates closely with office applications in Microsoft Office suite such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint…

Microsoft Teams – Free group chat application

Apps like Slack, HipChat and now Microsoft Teams for Windows will provide users with a shared workspace to collaborate. User teams can communicate with each other in large or small groups and privately to discuss marketing strategies, discuss national basketball, send a message to the entire company…

[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 1Customize the background of Microsoft Teams application for PC

The interface of the new chat software Microsoft Teams looks neat

When you first download Microsoft Teams for PC, the first time you use it, users will see many different tabs such as activities, chat, groups, meetings and files. If you click on a tab, users can see many different channels and files in each small group. The interface of Microsoft Teams software in blue, gray, purple and white looks both serious and interesting. The Microsoft Teams chat software allows users to organize topics in a channel to better manage conversations.

Like HipChat and Slack, whenever mentioned directly in the Teams app, a red notification will appear in the Activity tab to guide users to the right location. Users are allowed to customize this feature to receive notifications whenever directly mentioned or an activity takes place in a specific room. Users can mark the activity as ” read ” and ” unread ” for convenient review when necessary. These are the features that make Teams app stand out from other group chat apps on the market.

[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 2 Many team members participate in the meeting using the Microsoft Teams application for computers

At the top of each channel, users can see a list of tools and services like Microsoft Power BI for free, Excel… Users are allowed to view third party data in each channel, view text. version or application while in the conversation so as not to interrupt the conversation. All of these Cloud-based tools are updated in real time.

Microsoft Teams is the only tool that allows everyone to view a text of a particular chat room topic. Users also see related files, company organizational charts, and activity tabs showing history of all interactions within a specific group.

Like Slack and HipChat, users can easily embed GIF files and images from Giphy by pressing keyboard shortcuts. Users can also create funny images (meme) by clicking on designs, drawings, images… Even, users are allowed to use emoticons (emoji) to place The name for the chat room.

Downloading Teams on your computer allows users to connect to most applications based on online storage services (cloud) in real time. For example: Users can integrate Twitter message boards or Facebook pages into the Teams app channel. That means every new status stream or update will be pushed into the talk circuit. This feature can provide a great experience, especially for organizations that use a lot of third-party information and often have to see feedback.

[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 3Set up keyboard shortcuts in the Microsoft Teams application for Windows

If you see the video icon next to the conversation, there is a video meeting in progress. Users can join or turn off to not be distracted.

Users can also schedule video calls and the tool will notify when the meeting is about to take place. This feature is superior to the basic video calling feature of HipChat and Slack. The Teams application allows 80 people to join in a video call.

The group chats application for computers Microsoft Teams also has some other useful features such as voting, auto-replies, and information about members of the organization. Teams application is integrated in Office 365 Business, including many useful features to support the work of users.

In a nutshell, Teams is an effective and easy to use group chat application. This application is suitable for companies that intend to switch to Office 365. Users can review and approve documents during a video call. Download Microsoft Teams now and use it.

Update to the latest Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams (1/5/2020)

Additional channel analysis

Channel metrics are now included in team analysis. Along with adding new metrics such as running post checking, replies for each group & channel. Microsoft also increased the data processing period to 90 days.

From the team list, go to your team and select the More options menu > Manage team> Analytics.

Add system sounds to live events

Like regular team / team meetings, you can now include system sound when presenting during a live event. Currently, this feature is only available to presenters and producers who use the Microsoft Teams app for Windows.

[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 4

Microsoft Teams April 20, 2020

Allow participating callers to skip the lobby at the meeting

Allow callers to instantly participate in the next meeting on Microsoft Teams without having to wait in the “lobby”. This way, you won’t have to stop in the middle of a meeting to allow meeting attendees.

To access this setting, select Meeting options and switch the switch to Yes for Always let callers bypass the lobby?.

[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 5

Microsoft Teams April 17, 2020

Notify when the caller attends the meeting

The meeting organizer now has the option to notify when a caller joins or exits a meeting on Microsoft Teams, so you always know who’s in the online meeting.

To access this feature, select Meeting options and switch the switch to On : Announce when callers join or leave.

[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 6

Microsoft Teams 10/4/2020

End meeting for everyone

Meeting creators now have the option to end the meeting for all participants. If you’re a teacher, this is a great way to ensure students are no longer in the virtual classroom after you leave.

To end an ongoing meeting, go to your meeting controls and select More Options> End meeting. Microsoft Teams will send you a confirmation request. When doing this, the meeting will immediately end with everyone.

[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 7

Microsoft Teams March 20, 2020

  • Improve Teams calendar
    • Right-click an entry in the calendar to open the RSVP option, start conversations with members or quickly enter a meeting when it starts.
  • Works offline
    • Read and create messages, even if your Internet connection is slow or completely broken. Pin conversations, previously viewed channels and channels will also be available offline.
  • Easily conduct interviews, health check online… with Bookings App in Teams.
  • Raise your hand to speak through the Raise hand feature.
  • Reduce background noise in online meetings.

Microsoft Teams March 6, 2020

  • Create tags and assign tasks to everyone by using the @mention tag for a group, position, department, etc. Try it first. Go to a team, select More options [Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 8 > Manage tags.

Microsoft Teams February 21, 2020

  • Arrange the application to the left of Teams to fit the way you work. Select the 3 dots on the left of Teams, right-click on any application icon, and select Pin to add it for easier access.
[Free download] Microsoft(MS) Teams Premium version 9

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