Download McAfee Total Protection for Windows

McAfee Total Protection is a software specifically designed to provide a powerful and secure protection for users’ computers. Thus, preventing their confidential information from being leaked or accidentally accessing malicious websites.

McAfee Total Protection 2020

Main features of McAfee Total Protection

Provides powerful computer protection mode

  • Keep your computer safe by blocking Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, malware and more thanks to strong protection.
  • Advanced scanning tools will check for threats frequently and quickly without affecting battery performance.
  • NetGuard and ActiveProtection technologies will effectively remove threats and botnets.

Encrypt files and folders

This software will keep your identity and data safe by grouping all secret files into a password-protected archive.

Protect social networks

Create a concise and reliable URL using the ” Safe URL Shortener ” tool to provide information, not spread spam or malware.

Wireless network protection

Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your personal files and passwords when the computer is connected to an open wireless network.

Provide many computer optimization and privacy protection tools

  • Search and patch Windows or other applications with the ” McAfee Vulnerability Scanner ” tool.
  • Improve the performance of your computer by deleting unnecessary files with ” McAfee QuickClean “.
  • Remove sensitive files, such as tax documents, securely with ” McAfee Shredder “.

Provide a child control tool for parents

  • Prevent websites that contain inappropriate content and set a time limit to use the Internet.
  • Check user login times as well as attempts to access banned websites and the total time used to surf the web online.
  • See what your child does online with a detailed report sent to his email.

Spam and dangerous email filtering tool

Make sure that dangerous email and containing malicious content will never be able to enter your inbox with the built-in filter.

Provide two-way firewall

Preventing hackers and malware from damaging your operating system and stealing personal information.

Provides security against network intrusion

You can find out if someone is stealing your Internet connection. My Home Network will show you all devices connected to your network.

Advanced web protection

  • With the ” McAfee SiteAdvisor ” tool, you can know which websites you are about to access are dangerous, simply by searching for safe and green rankings is dangerous.
  • Prevent phishing URLs in email and instant messaging services with add-on SiteAdvisor Live.

Search and shop online safely

With color icons arranged next to each search result, including social networking sites, you’ll know which websites are safe and dangerous.

Block malicious ads and protect pop-ups

Websites are not always able to control the ads they display. Sometimes, you may encounter a dangerous ad on a trusted site. McAfee Total Protection will automatically block suspicious ads to keep your computer safe.

System requirements:

  • RAM memory capacity: minimum 512 MB
  • Processing speed: 1 GHz
  • Free hard drive capacity: 500 MB
  • High speed Internet connection
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