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Macbeth (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)

Macbeth(The New Cambridge Shakespeare)

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Macbeth or The Tragedy Play about Macbeth is William Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy. Said to be written between 1603 and 1607. The plot of the play is based on an anecdote about the Scottish kings Macbeth, Macduff, and Duncan. In the Holinshed chronicle of 1587, the history of England, Scotland and Ireland was familiar to Shakespeare. However, the story told in the play has no connection with the actual events in Scottish history.

Dubbed one of the most depressing plays by William Shakespeare, Macbeth is also the most adapted film of the great English writer.

Will a work that is more than 400 years old, put into textbooks in many countries and adapted into movies 11 times, can still bring something new and interesting to the audience? It must be a concern for many people to hear that Australian director Justin Kurzel will bring Macbeth tragedy to the 12th big screen.

Those who love the plays of Shakespeare will be satisfied with Macbeth version 2015 when Justin Kurzel keeps almost intact the plot, dialogue and tragic details of the original. There is still the story of the fall of Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) – the brave commander on the battlefield but unable to escape the temptation of greed, pride, and provocations from Lady Macbeth (Marion Cotillard), only to fall into an unending spiral of crime and punishment.

There is still a good-evil opposition, between the evil side, the Macbeth couple’s intrigue blinded by the power and the wicked prophecies of the Three Witches, with the other side being integrity, Zero tolerance for the evil of father and son Banquo (Paddy Cosidine) and the Macduff family (Sean Harris). Loyal to the epic of Shakespeare, Kurzel’s Macbeth really exudes the tragic quality of the original content, as well as the magnificence of humans and Scottish mettle.

However, for those who are new to Macbeth for the first time , who have never read or followed the original play, the lines are beautiful, poetic, but often very long, ornate, and even somewhat true. drama, perhaps it will make it difficult for them to fully feel the character’s fate and thoughts. For that audience, director Justin Kurzel and cameraman Adam Arkapaw gave them another valuable and easily perceived gift: the image is beautiful, inspiring, both powerful.

Once famous for works with images and tones very different, such as Animal Kingdom (2010) or True Detective first season (2014), but Adam Arkapaw really reached new heights thanks to Macbeth . The drama’s rich drama is clearly shown in still scenes, using natural light. The rhythmic change of the scene, from the wide, open footage, takes on the overwhelming and beautiful natural setting of Scotland to a series of dark scenes, only the fading shadows created by the fire, candlelight, can help the audience capture the emotions of the film.

Each frame of Macbeth is a beautiful picture, with monochromatic tones pushed up to saturation, in order to bring out the atmosphere of the scene and the mind’s thoughts. The black color is intrigue, the attempt, the red color is violence, death, the cold brown color is tragedy, despair… Macbeth is really a wonderful symphony of color and story. somewhat told through it, not merely lines.

Macbeth does not have too many battle scenes, but they are excellent, can remind viewers of Zack Snyder’s blockbuster 300 (2007) by the slow-motion effect. However, if 300 were sometimes criticized for focusing solely on expression rather than on the content or meaning of violent images, Macbeth did not suffer from it.

Every click of Macbeth is heavy with emotions, thoughts of the characters with their own tragedy. But is there any tragedy greater than the tragedy of those who have to hold their weapons to win each other’s lives in battle, where human love and compassion do not exist?

The image of a leader Macbeth, standing alone, standing alone in the middle of the desert, with the back of the ghost of his team makes people really obsessed. In the background of the music punctuated by the rhythm of the attack, the moment of sadness when surfing through the lifeless bodies of children and soldiers, Macbeth ‘s tragedy and epic suddenly appear, showing the immortality of the original. last over four centuries.

Of course, a Macbeth film adaptation would not be possible without a Macbeth and an outstanding Lady Macbeth. Michael Fassbender seems to be born to play Macbeth. Possessing a tall physique, the god in the eyes, voice and gestures help him easily show the image of Macbeth the leader, courageous in the battle. But behind that strength, the actor has two German-Irish types of blood, which also makes viewers feel a proud but vulnerable soul, a weakness that pushes the character into the abyss.

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