Luna Rae is Not Alone by Hayley Webster ePub PDF download

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Luna Rae is Not Alone by Hayley Webster ePub PDF

Luna Rae is Not Alone by Hayley Webster ePub PDF free download – Our new house is nothing like the old one. The old one was a mobile home in a field, with a massive vegetable garden, and things living underneath it. Penny Robinson at my old school said real houses don’t have things living underneath them – they are stuck to the ground, that’s what real houses are, and they certainly don’t move around from place to place, that’s called a holiday. But she was horrible and used to make stuff up about people, and I never liked her anyway. I liked having a gap between the ground and our house. And I liked that it could move around, although we never really moved it much because Mum and Dad didn’t want to leave the vegetable patch, and we never got asked to move on from there, so it felt safe. The sort of place that you’d look out of your bedroom window and sigh because you’d see a chaffinch or a squirrel or even an owl. Last summer me and Lolly used to crawl underneath it and see if we could hear Mum and Dad walking about above us. That was after Dad had got rid of the Great Plague (which is what Mum called it). It was scary at the time, hearing these big rats under the house, scratching about and doing whatever it is rats do. Then Dad put traps under there, and poison, I think, and one sunny day came out from underneath holding all these dead furry things by their tails.

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