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Lucid Dreaming PDF – Lucid dreams: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Control Your Dreams With Different Techniques

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“Lucid dream” is a state of clear awareness while you are dreaming. If you can ask yourself and answer questions like “am I awake?” in a dream, that’s when you’re seeing lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming PDF will give you some tips so you can feel the “lucid dreams”.

7 benefits of lucid dream

Access to the subconscious

Imagine a computer with billions of files containing each data about yourself, but 95% of them require a password to protect the file. This is the operational nature of the brain and 95% of the data that requires the password is your subconscious. This is also the land of dreams that are not lucid dreams, not where you experience everything that happens in the mind. If you can imagine the benefits of having a log file password, you will see the benefits of lucid dreaming. The things we really fear and really have faith in are behind the subconscious portal scene. Fortunately, when you learn to see lucid dreams, you will be able to see and understand this information.

Interpret the dream

It is very easy to get lost in the cryptic notation system in our minds. When you have a nightmare falling down or find yourself flying, can you easily explain that you are afraid of falling or really want to fly? Seeing yourself falling in a dream can be a fear of losing control of the relationship you have and a dream of flying can be a dream of freedom in that relationship. So, how do you know what each dream symbolizes? Lucid dreams will help you sit back and review those dreams and experiences in the real world. Learning that lucid dream will give you a password helps you enter the subconscious area to learn for yourself before the conscious zone has a chance to interrupt and confuse you.

Conquer fear

One of the biggest benefits of lucid dreams is the ability to conquer the fear that haunts your life. The subconscious wants to help recreate those fears throughout your sleep, but you’re not there to witness it and it’s hard to find any benefit from it. When you see the lucid dream, you will have the opportunity to experience and encounter that fear in the very moment your brain tries to overshadow it. Many people find their faith in fear and depression no longer after experiencing lucid dreams. You can train yourself to have higher endurance. When you start to feel pain in your dream, you will control the dream and react to it.

Stop seeing nightmares

Along with conquering your fears, controlling your dreams will help you eliminate nightmares. Nightmares often bring terrible things because we are not aware that we are dreaming. Imagine a dream in which you were chased by a serial killer and then captured into a house of the same killer. It will be a horror dream that will startle you awake in the middle of the night. However, if you can see lucid dreams, you will realize it is all a fake and that it is just a dream.

Found fun

Lucid dream, besides the deep, dark and scary, is also very interesting. The wildest dreams can come true and you can use all your senses to experience it. You will do what you like, many people have learned how to see lucid dreams to fulfill their ambition, from flying to sleeping with their dream lover. Immersed more than a book, a television program or a virtual reality game, Lucid Dream rules all the laws of physics, helping you experience it as a 5D game (using all 5 senses).

Practice for reality

Once you have control of your dream rhythm, are you able to practice and rehearse anything, such as a company presentation, confessing to someone, practicing to be more confident? You can create any situation and subconsciously approach them in the best way. In fact, there are many problems that you have solved through dreams, and lucid dreaming is even easier. Speaking of problem-solving, imagine you surpassing the whole writer block or solving a conundrum in sleep. This is real. Mary Shelley, the author of the famous novel Frankenstein, dreamed about the plot of the book before writing it. Well-known golfer Jack Nicklaus improved the score when he realized he was holding the wrong club in his dream. Countless scientists have discovered many things in their dreams, including the periodic arrangement of the element table. Your brain can find some incredible things when it’s sleeping, but you’re not there to witness it. So go ahead and understand how to have lucid dreams.

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