Love, Only Better by Paulette Stout ePub PDF download

Love, Only Better by Paulette Stout

334 Pages – 2021 – 1.5 MB – 411 Downloads – English

Love, Only Better by Paulette Stout ePub PDF

It wasn’t as if the words were unexpected. Hell, Rebecca said them to herself a thousand times over. Only, this was different. Hearing someone else say them—someone she loved. Someone who shared her life and her bed for three years— somehow made them true. And to have Ethan say them. For him to let them free that way. Now, they were alive to reverberate through the universe and rebound on her in unforgiving ways. And he’d no longer be around to save her. Frigid. Ice queen. Who calls someone they love an ice queen? Rebecca wondered. That’s the ticket. Ethan didn’t love her. Had he ever? Or was she just a bad lay; a notch on his belt. Not even a trophy. A third-place yellow ribbon no one wanted, abandoned in the bottom of a drawer.

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