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Love Next Door by Helena Hunting ePub PDF

Love Next Door by Helena Hunting ePub PDF free download – I toss another empty can in the garbage bag. There has to be an entire case’s worth under my freaking bed. My ex-boyfriend used to drink diet soda in the middle of the night because he didn’t like the taste of water but couldn’t afford any more fillings in his teeth—as if diet soda is any better than the regular stuff. It was a weird habit I no longer have to worry about since he doesn’t live here anymore. And in two days, neither will I. We didn’t part on bad terms—it was an amicable breakup. In fact, I’m less upset about the breakup than I am about the fact that the company I was working for over the last few years closed, and I’m now out of a job. Which is probably a pretty strong indicator that the relationship wasn’t meant to last. Still, it sucks to be down a job, a boyfriend, and, in two days, an apartment.

What I’m trying to get to, and failing at, is the suitcase that’s been stored under the bed for more than two years. At this point, with the sheer number of random cans I’ve come across, I’m certain of two things—the woman who used to clean our apartment every other week never cleaned under the bed, and I most likely will not want my suitcase once I’m able to get to it. I put mission get-the-suitcase-while-cleaning-under-thebed on hold when my phone rings. I debate ignoring the call. I’m not entirely sure I want to speak with anyone, especially since I’ve been procrastinating and left cleaning and packing until the eleventh hour.

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