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Looking for Alaska

620 Pages · 2013 · 1.1 MB · 16,628 Downloads· English

Looking for Alaska is the first work of John Green – famous teen novelist, author of The fault in our stars, Paper Town,… This book is the collection of everything you would expect. wait for a teen novel: adventures, mischiefs, sorrows and discoveries.

At the beginning of the book, the reader is introduced to Miles Halter, the main character and storyteller. Miles is a shy Florida high school student. Miles’ life revolved around his sole pleasure in collecting the words of celebrity. Miles was about to move to Culver Creek Boarding School, where he hoped to find “What might be great” (from Francois Rabelais’ denial “I am in search of what may be great.”) At Culver Creek, Miles met Chip’s roommate (nicknamed Colonel), who gave Miles the nickname Pudge. Miles became friends with Colonel and others in the guild, including Takumi, Lara and Alaska Young. Miles was immediately fascinated by Alaska, the charming, intelligent, mysterious, capricious girl who embodied the “Possibly Great” that Miles sought. With this group of friends, Miles was able to participate in the normal lives of teenagers in boarding school with tricks, smokers and booze, his first girlfriend, first kiss … an extremely unusual thing happened to upset the lives of the group of friends and eventually gave Miles great new insights.

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