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Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do – Paul notices it first. I’m too busy darting from one room to another trying to find her, anxiety expanding in my chest like a balloon, making it hard to breathe. She isn’t in the kitchen or the lounge. Or behind the sofa in the snug, although, with the various toys lying discarded on the floor and felt-tip pens and colouring books littering every surface, I have to look twice to double-check. I run upstairs, two at a time, my heart pumping, and throw open her bedroom door. The room is empty. Dropping down on my hands and knees, I peer under her bed.

‘Livvi?’ My voice wavers and I clear my throat. There’s no answer and nothing to see on the cream carpet apart from a thin layer of dust, the grey fluff forming thick circles round the bottom of each wooden leg, as if attracted by a magnet. I stand up and wince, biting my lip as a burning pain shoots through my toe. I’ve caught it on the edge of her chest of drawers. Cursing, I hobble into Grace’s room, pulling open her white-painted wardrobe doors covered in half-torn Disney Frozen stickers that she’s tried to peel off now she’s outgrown them. The rows of clothes hang motionless, no pairs of small legs protruding underneath.

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