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Lolita is one of the crazy, controversial but eternal masterpieces in the world when depicting honestly and subtly the presence of a love that always lives in the dark, blind after the despicable, demonic emotions of a middle-aged man.

Lolita was born in 1955 in the English version before being translated into Russian according to the author’s wishes. Vladimir Nabokov himself, as a Russian-American writer, until the end of his life, he still wanted to return to his familiar homeland through every word – the spiritual children have been close to the author for more than half a century.

Lolita writes about the Naked, deformed but extreme affection

There are three types of characters described by Nabokov, meticulously caring for portraits of the soul. At the same time, they also represent these three types of people in this hustle and hustle society.

A Humbert Humbert – professor of literature in Paris. Although living with his wife, he always thought of the 12.13-year-old girls like heaven had lost with him – his childhood friend Annabel died of serious illness. Even when his wife left with someone else, Humbert remained indifferent, cold, and even surprised at why his wife was attractive to the opposite sex. It was only when he came to the United States to teach that he fell in love with the landlord’s 12-year-old daughter at the first sight and married her to be closer to the girl in a delirious, sick pleasure.

A selfish Charlotte Haze – the selfish Lolita’s mother loves Humbert. It was only when he read his incestuous and moral decline diary for his daughter that she was bewildered to go to the street and was then killed by a car with a letter before she could send the girl in the camp. summer.

A bright, radiant but extremely stubborn Lolita, despite being “kidnapped” by Humbert with him through many cities, making love together, he likens it to heaven with hell’s blazing sky. extravagant, not showing off your true feelings.

Only when she was hospitalized because of a viral infection and bravely escaped the nickname. It was only when she sent Humbert the letter with the news that she had found the love of her life and was pregnant. Humbert’s heart was as flat as a sheet. Apparently his sick love is being denied.

Humbert wanted to take his Lo, but she disagreed, even though she had to endure Quilty. In the end, Humbert gave $ 4,000 to Lo to cover his life, kill Quilty and go to jail. He died from a yellow artery blockage in prison on November 16, 1950. Lolita also gave birth that same year.

Leaving behind the exclamations that Humbert always said when talking about Lolita like “Oh Dolly!” or “My God, Lo” or the deep sleepy thoughts hidden behind his middle-aged poise, we still see Humbert appearing with great misery and misery because he thinks of “Lolita” to death. Every knot is arranged and pushed up by the price, intense explosion that haunts the reader’s mind.

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