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Details about Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition

256 Pages – 2003 – 9.22 MB – 32,164 Downloads – English

Logical Chess: Move By Move PDF ePub free download – Did you ever see a chess master play twenty games at once? Have you wondered at (and perhaps envied) his confidence and ease as he stops for a few seconds at each board, gives the position on it a moment’s consideration, and then casually makes a move? Does he move quickly because he knows dozens of openings with hundreds of variations by heart? Hardly, because most of the games in such exhibitions take original turns which are not to be found in the books. Does he analyse every conceivable combination of moves at lightning speed? Or does he count on some infallible instinct to guide him through the strangest positions? If so, he would have to analyse faster than a computer or rely on being inspired a thousand times in an evening.

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