Literacy, Culture and Identity PDF free download

Details about Literacy, Culture and Identity

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Literacy, Culture and Identity PDF

Literacy, Culture and Identity PDF free download – The first indication that Cindy and I conceptuahzed literacy quite differently came up during a social Ixmch before she actually began to teach me Chinese. We had met to talk about the possibility of her tutoring me in Chinese literacy, but we both felt that we wanted to get to know each other a little better before committing ourselves, so the conversation had been largely social. My first impressions were of a very sophisticated young woman, whose English I would have presumed was that of a native speaker if she hadn’t told me differ¬ ently. I knew she had a lot of experience teaching English language literacy to Chinese learners, especially senior citizens in bilingual classes, but somehow it seemed hard to imagine her in those sur¬ roundings, she seemed so thoroughly Canadian in the settings in which I hadmet her. I wondered whether she might have moved too far away fromher Chinese origins to be able to teach me the Chinese culture which I assumed would underlie the Chinese characters.

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