Leviathan Wakes PDF free download by Corey James S A

Leviathan Wakes

480 Pages · 2016 · 1.87 MB · 1,359 Downloads· English

Leviathan Wakes is set in a future in which humankind has colonized a great part of the Solar System. Earth, administered by the United Nations, and the Martian Congressional Republic go about as contending superpowers, keeping up an uncomfortable military collusion so as to apply double authority over the people groups of the Asteroid belt, known as “Belters.” Belters, whose bodies will in general be slender and prolonged because of their low-gravity condition, do the coarse, regular work that furnishes the framework with basic common assets, however they are to a great extent minimized by the remainder of the Solar System. The Outer Planets Alliance (OPA), an organization of approximately adjusted aggressor gatherings, tries to battle the Belt’s misuse because of the “Inners,” who, thus, have marked the OPA a fear monger association. The story is told from the perspective of Belter criminologist Joe Miller, and Earther Jim Holden.

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