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Details about Learning How to Learn: How to Succeed in School Without Spending All Your Time Studying; A Guide for Kids and Teens

2018 – 9.52 MB – 26,243 Downloads – English

Learning How to Learn PDF ePub free download – Some of the ideas in this book were discussed in Barb’s bestselling A Mind for Numbers. Many readers felt that the ideas were so simple, and so practically useful, that they should be shared with younger audiences. And we have heard from thousands of people that these ideas are useful for learning all subjects, not just math. So this book is intended for tweens and teens—although adults will also find a treasure trove of new and practical ideas here. Understanding just a little bit about how the brain works can make learning more fun and less frustrating. There are several ways to use this book. Some young adults may wish to read it on their own. They can talk with their friends about the key ideas to help cement them in their minds. Some young adults (and adults!) may be tempted to skim through the book, thinking they’ll get everything if they just read from cover to cover. Nothing could be further from the truth! Active involvement is key—the exercises are helpful only if they are completed. The book is best read with a notebook at the side, to take notes, answer questions, and make doodles with key insights. With young “skimmers,” the more an adult can dip in, question, and interact, the more will be gained.

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