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Leading with AI and Analytics PDF

Leading with AI and Analytics PDF free download by Florian Zettelmeyer, Eric Anderson – That trend alone represents a sea change worth documenting and discussing in a book. But we are not just data scientists. We are also business school professors who regularly teach senior executives, consult with companies across sectors, and engage in other in-depth interactions with organizations and individuals navigating the business domain. As a result, we have had a front-row seat to the rapid evolution of data science, while also witnessing hundreds of real-life examples of applications of AI and analytics by firms and the executives who lead them. That experience has been both inspiring and sobering for us. On one hand, it’s exciting to see how many new analytics techniques and tools are at business leaders’ disposal. On the other, we’ve observed that many firms we work with have struggled to consistently add business value using AI and analytics, often investing large resources in such efforts with little return. The reason, we’ve come to understand, is that the data science is way ahead of firms’ business practices. For example, every executive gets that it’s important to understand a balance sheet. Nonetheless, many executives punt on knowing even the basics of data science, believing this is an area reserved for technical experts alone. Similarly, planning—a daily activity in business—is often not extended to AI and analytics. Nor is there a systematic process for finding business problems where AI and analytics could add value. The list goes on.

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