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554 Pages – 2020 – 7.6 MB – 754 Downloads – English

Laravel Up and Running 2nd edition PDF

Laravel Up and Running 2nd edition PDF free download – This book assumes knowledge of basic object-oriented programming practices, PHP (or at least the general syntax of C-family languages), and the basic concepts of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and templating. If you’ve never made a website before, you may find yourself in over your head. But as long as you have some programming experience, you don’t have to know anything about Laravel before you read this book-we’ll cover everything you need to know, from the simplest “Hello, world!” Laravel can run on any operating system, but there will be some bash (shell) commands in the book that are easiest to run on Linux/macOS, Windows users may have a harder time with these commands and with modern PHP development, but if you follow the instructions to get Homestead (a Linux virtual machine) running, you’ll be able to run all of the commands from there.

This book is structured in what I imagine to be a chronological order: if you’re build ing your first web app with Laravel, the early chapters cover the foundational compo. nents you’ll need to get started, and the later chapters cover less foundational or more esoteric features Each section of the book can be read on its own, but for someone new to the framework, I’ve tried to structure the chapters so that it’s actually very reasonable to start from the beginning and read until the end. Where applicable, each chapter will end with two sections: “Testing” and “TL;DR.” If you’re not familiar, “TL;DR” means “too long; didn’t read.” These final sections will show you how to write tests for the features covered in each chapter and will give a high-level overview of what was covered. The book is written for Laravel 5.8, but will cover features and syntax changes back to Laravel 5.1.

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