Download Laptop Alarm for Windows

Laptop Alarm – Computer anti-theft software

Unlike desktops, your laptop is often used in crowded places. If you carelessly withdraw devices that are connected to a laptop or someone who uses it illegally when you are absent, then it is really ominous. Now, if you use the “Alarm” Laptop Alarm program, the problem will be solved easily.

Laptop Alarm

The advantage of Laptop Alarm software is that there is no need to install , just activate directly on the downloaded file, it can be used immediately. From the main working interface of the program, please click on Options option and set a password so that only you can use Windows again when needed, continue to tick the corresponding options such as Loss of AC Power (warning when unplugging power from Laptop), Shutdown / Log off (warning when someone turns off or Log off automatically), Unplug of USB Mouse (warning when someone removes USB mouse device from Laptop) and Mouse movement (alert when someone moves mouse on Laptop).

Once you’ve done this, click the Lock Computer option to lock the laptop and then leave the laptop safely for a moment. If someone deliberately violates the settings that you have tweaked above, immediately your laptop will have a “howl” warning to let you know that your laptop is experiencing “danger”.

Note: when using the program, you need to use the speaker in Laptop, should not connect headphone to Laptop because it will make the siren not be loud by the speaker according to the machine.

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