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King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. It depicts the crazy process of the protagonist after dividing his kingdom among two of the three girls based on their compliments, and what brings tragic consequences to all.

Based on the legend of King Leir of England, a king in Celtic mythology before Rome, the play has been adapted countless times to stage and film, with the participation of many excellent actors. best of the world.

Summary of the content of King Lear

The frail old King Lear wanted to give up the Imperial affairs and divide the kingdom among his three dowry daughters. In deciding the division, the king asked his daughters to see who loved him the most. The two sisters, Goneril and Regan, in turn expressed their affection in rhetoric and magnificence, an inch to the end and they received the dowry deserved. In turn, her youngest brother, Cordelia, told the king’s father, “I love you in the true way of my son.” King Lear was displeased, allowing Cordelia to speak again. But she could not say anything more than what had just been said. King Lear became angry and lost the part of Cordelia’s dowry to give to Goneril and Regan; Get rid of Cordelia. The king again bestowed the two sons-in-law, Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Albany. The king kept the title with only one hundred entourage and would take turns staying with one or two daughters. Meanwhile, the Duke of Burgundy sees Cordelia being abandoned for marriage. But the French king admired the virtue of Cordelia, please marry her. Count Kent discourages the king from being unable to bear the same fate of being abandoned. The two daughters, after taking power, changed their attitude, from cold to bossy, eventually abandoned their father. King Lear resented madly, leaving on a stormy night…

In another episode, at Earl Gloucester’s castle, Edmund, the illegitimate son of the Earl attempted to take over the entire fortune. He wrote a fake letter from Edgar, his brother, who stood up about Edgar’s attempt to kill his father and invite Edmund to act. Gullible, Count Gloucester ordered Edmund to search for Edgar for crimes. He went to see Edgar and, in a devious ploy, fabricated evil stories, begged Edgar to quickly flee; He then stabs himself injured in order to cover Edgar. Count Gloucester rage ordered servants to chase. The Earl of Gloucester expressed his grievance to Edmund. He also told him there was a letter announcing that the French had pulled inland to avenge the king and that he would decide to punish the thieves. Edmund stole the letter presented to Duke Cornwall. Earl of Gloucester was hooked by Cornwall and Regan. An indignant servant of that tyranny pulled out his sword and stabbed Cornwall. King Lear, sheltering in the rain in a thatched hut in the field, met Edgar who was now pretending to be a crazy Tom. When the Earl of Gloucester is gone, meet with Tom and ask Tom for directions…

Goneril and Regan fell in love with Edmund. Goneril, wrongly named Oswald, sent a letter reminding Edmund to make a quick attempt to kill the Duke of Albany. Regan told Oswald to find the Earl of Gloucester and ask Oswald to give Edmund a gift. But Oswald was killed by Tom.

British and French troops fought. The French defeated, King Lear and Cordelia were captured. The Duke of Albany ordered Edmund to arrest for his betrayal and called for his crimes. Edmund accepted that challenge. Goneril, trying to usurp Edmund, poisoned Regan and died. Edgar appeared, fought Edmund and won. The Duke of Albany presents Goneril’s letter of treason, exposing his wife’s crime (the letter won by Tom who killed Oswald). Goneril committed suicide. In the process of dying, Edmund told everyone to go to the castle to save King Lear and Cordelia. But in time, Cordelia was strangled to death by a soldier. King Lear suffered many painful deaths and died. Before that, knowing that his guide was Edgar, the Earl of Gloucester regretted, heartbroken and died…

King Lear pointed out the disintegration of feudal ideology and morality, paternalism, and also exposed the terrible breakdown of all human-to-human relationships: father and son, sister, brother and sister., spousal affection… Individualism as a product of the new era, pre-capitalist era in England, overcame the delusions of the person of King Lear, Earl of Gloucester. But it is individualism that destroys the worshipers themselves as a way of life: Golrin, Regan, Cornwall, Edmund, Oswald… The tragedy shows us the deadlock of the human ideal. socialism in solving political and social issues. King Lear is gone, but how his heirs – Duke of Albany, Earl of Kent, Edgar will rebuild the United Kingdom, in what ways and how not to recur the tragedy of King Lear? This is a question that in fact England in the XVI-XVII century and until later can only answer by the bloody tragedy, more painful.

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