King Arthur – Benjamin Hulme-Cross ePub PDF download

King Arthur – Benjamin Hulme-Cross

39 Pages – 2022 – 5.2 MB – 3614 Downloads – English

King Arthur - Benjamin Hulme-Cross ePub PDF

There was once a kingdom in Britain which had no king. The old king had been dead for years. There were lots of knights in the kingdom and they all thought they should be the new king. One day the knights were all in the great hall. They were shouting and fighting as usual. Then the huge door swung open, and the fighting stopped. In the doorway stood an old man. His white hair hung down his back almost to his ankles. His white beard reached to his belly. “It’s Merlin, the wizard!” said one of the knights. Everyone was afraid of Merlin’s magic. Merlin’s dark green eyes seemed to flash

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