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Kindreds by B.B. Russell ePub PDF

Kindreds by B.B. Russell ePub PDF free download – Lilah repeated it in her head over and over again. Twenty-two months and seventeen days until she turned eighteen, could move out of foster care and back into the house she’d shared with Grandma Pea for the last eight years. Her heart hurt each time she thought about leaving the only home she could truly remember. A loud, hard knock interrupted her rumination. “Lilah Jane McCarthy, open the door! I’m freezing out here!” yelled Mrs. Reed from the other side of the wooden front door. Lilah let out a sigh and glanced through the peephole. She glared at the heavyset case worker. Wearing a short-sleeve, white button-down blouse, heavy, white winter boots, and a thick wool scarf but no coat, Mrs. Reed was a conundrum at best. Never smiling yet always boasting about how happy she was to nd homes for foster kids, Mrs. Reed was about as fun as getting wisdom teeth pulled, without the drugs. Lilah opened the door and a sharp, cold gust of lateautumn Ithaca wind rushed in, along with Mrs. Reed. An undoubtedly early winter was predicted for all of western New York, and Ithaca was no exception.

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