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Kill Team: Elites starts with some new rules for turning your Commander into a Legendary Hunter Specialist. I haven’t used a Commander yet, but it looks like a lot of fun to take one as a Hunter, particularly at higher levels. To begin with, they are very resilient, gaining abilities and Tactics that negate the hit roll penalty from flesh wounds and reduce the severity of injuries. At level 4, a Legendary Hunter that finds itself in some space can disappear off into reserve and come back next turn anywhere on the board 5″ away from enemy models. That will win games.

Kill Team: Elites

Kill Team: Elites

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I love what this expansion brings to the game. I am gravitating more and more to the skirmish side of 40K, allowing me to experiment with multiple factions and really focus on what makes certain units special from an individual model perspective. I am also enjoying the focus on modelling and painting much smaller units. Kill Team: Elites builds neatly upon the foundation I am already loving the guts out of, without adding too much complexity. There will be a tipping point in Kill Team, I think. If they ever start adding vehicles, we may as well just all start playing patrol sized games of X Edition 40K. We are not at that tipping point yet, though, with this book adding some diversity that the game really needs at this point. I strongly recommend that, if you are a fan of Kill Team, you pick this book up and take a look. The potential applications of the rules are far-reaching in terms of new gaming experiences.

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