KickFollower – The New Hot Trend For IG Followers

KickFollower - The New Hot Trend For IG Followers 1

As the world continues to adjust to shifting business from in-person to online, people are constantly seeking out new ways of making sure they are noticed. In terms of Instagram and Social Media as a whole, this has never been so apparent. Want to promote your business on Instagram? Increase your presence as a promoter or influencer? Then you’re going to need followers. Not just any old followers, though. Ones it will engage with you and your content, in order to push forward the success that you’re looking for.

Instagram growth agencies are a massively popular choice in terms of this. Who, after all, has the time or inclination to spend hours upon hours trying to build up their follower base on their own?

KickFollower is the latest must-try in terms of these services. After receiving many great reviews and being the talk of the IG growth world, we thought we’d see what they were all about to ascertain whether not only they work, but also whether or not they’re safe.

How Does KickFollower Increase Instagram Growth?

Firstly, let’s talk about how Instagram growth companies try to increase IG growth in general. It has always come down to followers. Without followers, you won’t gain the attention you need in order to succeed on there. The difference is, some companies do this in different ways. In order to achieve quick, speedy growth, some of them use bots; namely, fake accounts, to boost your followers. The problem is that these accounts are not real and thus are unable to engage with your content. They also pose a large threat to your account, because if Instagram detects that bots are being used, they may close your account.

So what does this mean? In short, that growth needs to be organic and with people who are actually interested in your content. KickFollower works by connecting with only real, targeted followers who are actually going to be interested in engaging with you and your content. This, although perhaps a slightly slower process at first, is the safest and most effective way of getting the growth you need.

What Is KickFollower’s Process?

KickFollower have kept things simple yet effective. Which, evidently, is what people seem to like about their service? Their website is really clear and offers you all of the information you may need in order to make a decision about whether they are the right service for you. Remember, all of the growth they achieve is organic and safe. You’ll need to choose which pricing plan is right for you. There are three options available, – Basic, Professional, and Advanced – all dependent on the type or level of growth you are seeking.

After you’ve decided which plan is right for you, you’ll be asked to complete a marketing objective form, where you’ll be able to explain the types of accounts you’re interested in engaging with and gives the team a clear idea of your objectives.

KickFollower - The New Hot Trend For IG Followers 2

The next step is for your personal account manager to contact you to go through all of the details, explain their process and to answer any questions you may have. They will then explain all of this to the growth manager who will be working on your account, and then the magic starts! You can follow and track your growth via their pretty impressive Dashboard feature.

Do KickFollower Really Offer Organic Growth?

This seems to be the burning question. Due to so many bad experiences with other IG growth services, people are, understandably, wary. But we’re happy to say that YES, KickFollower really does offer real, organic growth, all based on your target demographic. Between the whole team, they have vast experience in this field and know what they are doing.

What About Their Prices?

From our research, we can see that the prices charged by each IG growth company don’t differ by more than a few dollars. It’s a massively competitive market. Yet, if you’re paying the same money for one service that works and is honest (like KickFollower), as opposed to paying the same amount for a scam that endangers your account by using bots, one seems like a bargain and the other a rip-off, in our opinion.

KickFollowers Prices:

Basic: $59 per month

Professional: $89 per month

Advanced: $229 per month

KickFollower - The New Hot Trend For IG Followers 3

So, Is It Safe?

Quick answer: Yes. KickFollower have proved time and time again that they are true to their word and offer ONLY real, organic growth, all based on your target demographic. While growth may take a few weeks to really get going, you can relax knowing that it’s real, legit and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

KickFollower Final Review

While we’re always cautious about any company or service that claims to be able to do something that others have failed at, we have to admit, KickFollower aren’t just safe, they’re really, really good. Their customer service is second to none – they are literally available round the clock to answer any question you may have or to put you at ease if you have concerns. Their prices are good and, most importantly, the results they are able to achieve are pretty impressive. Looking to grow your IG legitimately and with great results? Believe us, KickFollower really is the company for you.

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