Kaplan & Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry 12th edition PDF download

Details about Kaplan & Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry 12th edition

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Kaplan & Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry 12th edition PDF

Kaplan & Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry 12th edition PDF free download – The Synopsis was one of the first psychiatry books we encountered and was our “Bible” during our respective training years. As we became educators, it was the book that we recommended to our students and residents. In our roles as editors of the Psychiatry Resident-In-Training Examination®, administered by the American College of Psychiatrists to virtually all trainees in the United States, the Synopsis was the book we would most often turn to when deciding whether a given question on the test was within the accepted body of knowledge for all psychiatrists. As we approach the book again from this new perspective, the time we have spent editing and revising the book has only given renewed respect for this fantastic work. The previous authors have done an incredible job of creating a book that is comprehensive, approachable, and frankly enjoyable to read. Much of our approach to this new edition has been careful, and we have preserved much of the previous editions, often verbatim. Our edits have been either to incorporate discoveries in our rapidly growing field or to reorganize the book in a way we think practical for a new generation of psychiatrists. We have emphasized the clinical material upfront. The underlying science and theory of the field have been moved later in the book. This reorganization does not reflect any value or order of importance; it is meant to be practical: one can imagine a busy trainee grabbing the book during the day to answer a crucial question about the diagnosis or management of a patient, and later that day, with, hopefully, more time for reflection, sitting down and reading further to understand their patient more deeply.

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