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The Kali Linux Revealed’s introduction page says, “Whether you’re an Information Security beginner or a seasoned security veteran, Kali Linux Revealed and the lessons will teach you what to do. The saying “You can’t build a great building on a poor foundation” is also true in the Information Security field, and if you want to use it (or want to learn how to use it). Kali Linux as your expertise, it is best to familiarize yourself with and research it in. That’s what the Kali Linux Revealed book wants to convey to you – making you a professional Kali Linux user.

[PDF] Kali Linux Revealed

344 Pages · 2017 · 26.32 MB · 11,059 Downloads· English

Simply start learning, learn how to master Kali Linux. After reading Kali Linux Revealed, you will be able to optimize and customize the Kali Linux kernel, store it, or create your own specialized Kali device – and much more awaiting your discovery! ”

A message conveyed in this video is “Whether you’re new to the fight or a seasoned pro, don’t stop training” ie “Whether you’re a beginner rookie, or a professional veteran, don’t stop developing yourself ”

What will you learn in Kali Linux Revealed?

  • After completing this book, you can:
  • Using a fluent Linux Kali operating system.
  • Automatically, customize and install Kali Linux before installing.
  • Create Kali equipment like Kali ISO of Doom.
  • Build, customize and own packages and repositories.
  • Creating and modifying Kali packages is simple.
  • Customize and recompile your kernel.
  • Deploy Kali over the network.
  • Manage and arrange Kali installations.
  • Build and customize ARM Kali images.
  • Create specialized pentesting equipment.

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