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Journey Under the Midnight Sun

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Journey Under the Midnight Sun is the culmination of writer Higashino Keigo’s masterpiece, depicting his essence of the ingenious inner art of depictions, along with the ability to unravel the knot in a detective story grimness. “I wish I could walk in the sun next year.” Ryo told two of his staff members, when asked about their wishes on New Year’s Eve. To the others, they considered it the wish of a grade 1 child. For Ryo, it was his lifelong desire. Because to Ryo, his life is like walking in a white night, wrong with no escape!

At the age of 11, a fate happened to Ryo, and since then, his life has only one goal, to protect the beautiful girl Yuhiko. Ryo considers himself a crayfish, attaches himself to the white goby, symbiotic and quietly lives in the dark night that always haunts them.

The special thing in Journey Under the Midnight Sun is the author that describes Ryo and Yuhiko with the eyes of an outsider. There is not a single line of text that the author let the two characters talk about, and there is no quote describing them actually meeting each other. Readers can only imagine a series of links between them by stories that are interrupted, time series are constantly changing. In the book chapters depicting these intermittent stories, there are two main artifacts with a seemingly contradictory life, but in the end when their black curtain is lifted, the reader can only be horrified. fear in sympathy, quiet and pensive. To be more precise, it is difficult to properly assess these two people. The so-called morality, crime, love … the contradictory values ​​in this story appear as thin as a thread, unable to demarcate.

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