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Details about Jesus Calling: Seeking Peace in His Presence

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Jesus Calling – A groundbreaking refrain has been “Stay composed, and realize that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Substitute readings for “Stay composed” are “Unwind,” “Given up,” and “Stop endeavoring” (NASB). This is a captivating greeting from God to set out our considerations and look for His Presence. I accept that God longs for these tranquil minutes with us significantly more than we do. I likewise accept that He actually addresses the individuals who hear him out (John 10:27), and I ceaselessly rely upon the Holy Spirit’s assistance in this. As J. I. Packer writes in his book Your Father Loves You, “God . . . guides our psyches as we thoroughly consider things in His quality.” This act of tuning in to God has expanded my closeness with Him more than some other profound order, so I need to share a portion of the messages I have gotten. In numerous pieces of the world, Christians appear to be looking for a more profound encounter of Jesus’ Presence and Peace. The messages that follow address that felt need. The Bible is, obviously, the lone inerrant Word of God; my works should be predictable with that perpetual norm. I have thought of them from Jesus’ perspective; i.e., the primary individual particular (I, Me, Mine) consistently alludes to Christ. “You” alludes to you, the peruser, so the viewpoint is that of Jesus addressing you.

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