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Java The Complete Reference 11th edition PDF

Java The Complete Reference 11th edition PDF free download – The importance of these new features is reflected in the use of the version number “5.” The next version number for Java would normally have been 1.5. However, the new features were so significant that a shift from 1.4 to 1.5 just didn’t seem to express the magnitude of the change. Instead, Sun elected to increase the version number to 5 as a way of emphasizing that a major event was taking place. Thus, it was named J2SE 5, and the developer’s kit was called JDK 5. However, in order to maintain consistency, Sun decided to use 1.5 as its internal version number, which is also referred to as the developer version number. The “5” in J2SE 5 is called the product version number.

The next release of Java was called Java SE 6. Sun once again decided to change the name of the Java platform. First, notice that the “2” was dropped. Thus, the platform was now named Java SE, and the official product name was Java Platform, Standard Edition 6. The Java Development Kit was called JDK 6. As with J2SE 5, the 6 in Java SE 6 is the product version number. The internal, developer version number is 1.6. Java SE 6 built on the base of J2SE 5, adding incremental improvements. Java SE 6 added no major features to the Java language proper, but it did enhance the API libraries, added several new packages, and offered improvements to the run time. It also went through several updates during its (in Java terms) long life cycle, with several upgrades added along the way. In general, Java SE 6 served to further solidify the advances made by J2SE 5.

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