It Ends in Fire by Andrew Shvarts ePub PDF free download

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It Ends in Fire by Andrew Shvarts ePub PDF

It Ends in Fire by Andrew Shvarts ePub PDF free download – It’s half past noon and there’s no sign of the wagon, so the bandits are all starting to get restless. I am, too. For the last two hours we’ve been sitting crouched in the undergrowth of Dunraven Forest, hidden among the tall ferns just off the dirt highway. It’s a nice enough day: sunlight streams through the canopy of the towering oaks, and somewhere nearby a redbird is singing its jaunty tune. But my calves hurt, my back’s sore, and if this wagon doesn’t show soon, I’m in for a world of trouble. “Getting late, Alka,” Drell says. He’s the leader of the bandits, a burly bruiser with a mouthful of gold teeth and a tattoo of a skull on the back of his bald head. I spent a solid week casing the taverns of New Finley, sizing up all the cutthroats and lowlifes, before I settled on him. Drell acts gruff and smells like sour beer, but he’s not all that bad for a highwayman. He thinks things through, listens when I talk, and hasn’t made even a single advance on me. “You sure your tip was good?”

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