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IT is fiction genre fiction horror of the American writer, Stephen King. Itreleased in 1986, is Stephen’s 22nd story book. The plot of the story revolves around the lives of 7 children when they are threatened by a mysterious entity named “It”. “It” is a clown, named Pennywise the Dancing Clown, specializing in taking advantage of human fears to eat meat. It wakes up once every 27 years to find a victim. “It” appears as a clown, yet it can also take on a myriad of other forms – the actual form of ” It ”is the three bright spots, also known as dead light. Fear and belief are two things that can help and kill him. If fear is like a spice that adds flavor to the dish, then belief is what can kill him.

Have you ever heard of “clown fear syndrome” ? If you want to know how psychotic a clown can be, check out IT – one of the longest books by Stephen King. This is a three-decade-old story about the fight of seven Loser teenagers with the murderous clown Pennywise.

Pennywise, who lives in the town’s underground sewer Derry, is an object with the ability to change shape. He had caused a terrifying summer by repeatedly hunting for children in the town. The Loser children should have killed Pennywise in the 1950s, but no, nearly 30 years later they were forced to join forces again in their final battle with the ghostly clown.

The clown in the novel is actually the embodiment of the vague fears that often creep into our daily lives. However, the end of the story has

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