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Island of the Blue Dolphins

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“Island of the Blue Dolphins” is an extraordinary story of survival, narrated in the voice of an insider. This is a story of courage and endurance, especially about the stamina and perseverance of humans, more than the adventure of Robinson Crusoe. Through Karana’s worldview, the author also expresses his indignation towards greedy hunters who want to destroy wildlife. Karana was angry, scared and bitter. But when she had to live alone, learning to take care of the wildlife, being the only companions at that time, from a child who wanted revenge, she became a quiet, compassionate girl. and forgive. She learned how to heal pain with the power of love.

“All of Scott O’Dell’s work has been warmly welcomed by critics and readers, but none of the books has been as powerful as” Blue Dolphin Island. “The book is based on the sentence The true story of a girl from the Indian Ghalas-at tribe, who lives on San Nicolas Island, off the coast of California.As the island is close to the author’s childhood homeland, Scott O’Dell knows about Karana, “the abandoned woman in San Nicolas”, who lived alone on the island from 1835 to 1853. During the Ghalas-at migration, the twelve-year-old girl jumped off a ship to stay with his younger brother, then left on the island: The sad fact is, the younger brother passed away shortly thereafter, Karana left alone on the island.

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