Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Second Edition ePub PDF download

Book Name: Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Second Edition
Author: Patrice Spath
Publisher: Health Administration Press
ISBN: 1567935931
Year: 2013
Pages: 286
Language: English
File format: PDF

Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Second Edition Pdf Book Description:

This second edition contains a new chapter devoted solely to utilizing high-reliability theories that help organizations achieve quality, security, and efficiency goals. By applying this easy-to-read novel, full with helpful diagrams and charts, your students will examine a choice of topics, from measuring performance to creating high-quality solutions that result in satisfied customers. The book is filled with useful examples and case studies that use quality theories and assets to real-life situations. Each chapter contains a list of significant words and a glossary that will help students understand the language of healthcare management. As another bonus for this version, each chapter includes an expanded collection of websites to find more resources to customize and enhance your education.

Your students will learn about these topics:
Quality attributes most important to healthcare providers, like payers and clients Regulatory mandates and certification criteria that influence health quality activities Suitable procedures for collecting and effectively assessing health performance measurement info New technology-based services that will boost the patient experience Crucial techniques and strategies which organizational leaders and progress project teams must employ to achieve quality goals Strategies for aligning healthcare procedures to achieve greater dependable operation Patient safety initiatives that reduce harmful medical errors Resource management activities that improve continuity of care and safeguard against service and underuse Organizational factors that affect quality performance and administration reliability.
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