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Into the Wild

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Into the Wild is a non-fiction work that tells a true story of a young American named Christopher McCandless. Coming from a conditional family, with the intelligence and the accompanying arrogance of youth, plus the love for wild nature and the passion for adventure McCandless alone, making a journey with many interesting points but also causing many people to suffer …

Into the Wild started out as a magazine article, but as Krakauer mentioned, the similarity in life of Christopher Johnson McCandless and he urged him to develop his 90,000-word article into a book. book.

And also because of the success of the book, as well as the movie adaptation of the same name, many have traced the path of the ill-fated young McCandless man, in order to once stand in the midst of Alaskan nature beautiful but equally cruel.

And like any other book, the author Jon Krakauer narrates McCandless’s journey based on very real and very convincing evidence; but eventually the journalist Krakauer was not McCandless, so what Krakauer wrote was simply a way of seeing and explaining the problem. However, it is also interesting to learn about a brave and stubborn person like McCandless!

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