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International Humanitarian Law International Criminal Law is divided into an introduction, presenting background and structure; a second section containing the steps to follow in the workshop; a third section containing annexes with the information facilitators need to carry out the steps; a fourth section containing supplementary readings which should be read in their entirety by the facilitators and can be photocopied and distributed to participants; and a fifth part containing slides or information the facilitator can use on a blackboard if he or she does not have access to a slide projector.

Details about International Humanitarian Law International Criminal Law

279 Pages – 2002 – 2.11 MB – 22,295 Downloads – English

The module contains five topic or chapters, divided into sub topics. A shadowed box at the beginning of each topic contains the thematic objective of the chapter; the material resources required to develop the topic, differentiating between those already included in the manual and those which should be obtained by the facilitators; a list of supplementary readings included in the module; a list of recommended reading not included in the module; and the estimated completion time for the topic. In order to facilitate preparation, each section has its own numeration with its own heading and color.

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