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Innovations in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy PDF

Innovations in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy PDF free download – Gastroparesis is a functional motility disorder that dramatically affects the quality of life of patients, and for which the therapeutic options have always been limited. This leads patients to difficult situations, including severe consequences on their nutritional as well as their psychological conditions. Indeed, besides the medical treatments, which seem poorly effective over time, associated with adverse events and tachyphylaxis [4–6], the different interventional therapies have also been disappointing. The endoscopic approaches include intra-pyloric injection of botulinum toxin, which did not demonstrate real efficacy in two recent randomized studies despite a 51.4% efficacy in a single-center retrospective series with 179 patients. Endoscopic stenting has also been assessed in nonrandomized series with an efficacy reaching 75% clinical response in case series. Nevertheless, endoscopic stenting is associated with a high rate of stent migration. The surgical laparoscopic pyloroplasty suggested some efficacy reaching 60% of clinical response but remained a technically complicated and invasive procedure for a functional disease. More recently, the gastric electrical stimulation with surgical implantation was evaluated in randomized studies; however, the outcomes in terms of efficacy were low, mainly on symptoms of chronic vomiting.

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