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Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest

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Infinite Jest of American writer, David Foster Wallace (1962-2008), one of the writers rated by the Los Angeles Times as “the most influential and innovative in the past two decades”, tree Pen has a great influence on his generation despite being the “writer out of society”.

Infinite Jest is almost a thousand pages long, but has more than 100 pages of notes about future predictions. The book is sponsored by a number of companies, appearing on the literature in 1996, although it does not have a specific number of years, but is symbolized as the Year of Giants, Year of Dependent Adults…

Due to the scope of the book, the plot cannot be summed up in a few sentences, but it focuses on a tennis academy and a house for addicts. Both are in Boston, under the Organization of North American Nations (ONAN), in which the United States forced Canada and Mexico to join them as superpowers.

More precisely, Infinite Jest tells the story of a Boston tennis school student wondering about life’s questions, along with the story of an addict living in a rehabilitation center – America in the midst of its peak. nobility and drug abyss. There are a few groups of characters in the book that are looking for a lost movie called Entertainment. The film is said to be so interesting, so good that if someone watched it, it was impossible to quit. They will do nothing but watch movies, even forget to eat and drink and eventually die while watching movies on screen.

In many ways, Wallace’s novel predicts contemporary life fairly accurately. Predict how people will consume the media and humanity’s obsession with entertainment.

In Infinite Jest, people cannot separate media such as phones, televisions, computers…. People can download movies and TV shows out of InterLace to watch whenever they want and then, on the phone with white earplugs. All of these inventions are, of course, popular, though not exactly how Wallace envisioned it.

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