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In the Same Boat by Holly Green ePub PDF

In the Same Boat by Holly Green free ePub PDF download – The green glow on the watch taped to the front of my canoe cuts through the darkness. It’s a smack in the face. How has it only been six minutes since I last checked? I’d swear an hour has passed. “Constant forward motion, Sadie,” Dad says. His words echo in my head, drowning out the cicadas and the frogs and the rush of the river. I dig my paddle into the water for a hard stroke. My shoulders, my lower back, even my legs all scream with pain.

The race started yesterday morning, which means we’ve been on the water for … twenty-four and then … I can’t hold the numbers in my head. I can’t hear them over the scream of my shoulder. The last mile marker I saw was 187. That’s whatever 265 minus 187 is. Eighty-three? No. Too many. It’s too many freaking miles. My eyes go blurry with tears. Which makes it harder to spot obstacles in the river. Especially on this dark, dark night lit only by a pair of Maglites strapped to the nose of the canoe. I try to blink the tears back in, but it doesn’t do any good.

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