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In Cold Blood

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In Cold Blood was born in 1964 based on a true story in the land of the flag: the massacre of all four people in a family ranch in Kansas on November 14, 1959. As both a writer and a skilled journalist as an old, cold, dry investigator, Truman Capote actually sent back the posterity of a portrait. horrific crime by bringing out the real case combined with literary elements to portray the true portrait of the evolving psychological mentality today. In Cold Blood readers in two forms as it is both a fascinating literary novel and a press work that is proclaimed to be precise in every detail after 6 years of collecting Truman’s writing materials. Obviously, he is not an easy-going man in literature and loses his words when challenging his pen in this particular combination. So, how did evil happen in the past? Does humanity, born in the wrong place, quickly lose in helplessness? And do innate crimes really exist as a matter of nature? As each page of the book flips through, the bottom of your eyes will be filled with anxious and unending repercussions of such questions in the hot heart of a person that Truman constantly sends to readers through each page book.

In Cold Blood PDF begins with a peaceful scene in the countryside of Holcomb village with the intense blue sky and the clear desert air of the desert gradually covered by the gray sky as the sun disappears. “The local dialect is a nasal grass voice, a nasal voice of the herdsman, and many men wear tight border pants, cowboy hats and pointed-to-high boots. The ground is flat and the wings of the stork fly straight ahead; horses, herds of cattle, a cluster of white grain delivery machines emerged gracefully like Greek temples that travelers have seen for a long time before getting close. ” The crime is happening so fast. It has torn, ripped off the peace, prosperity and harmony between honest people to nothingness. Everyone was afraid, locked the gate, visualized and ignited mutual suspicion, did not dare to communicate, looked at each other better than strangers. The peace fell into the abyss of death by 4 shots destined to tear the sky that night. The author carefully describes each stop of Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Smith from Las Vegas close to the village of Holcomb like a match destined to burn the short-lived time of four bad and honest people. Holcomb village number and the trust between people. In particular, in the work, Truman also whirls the pen deep to the end of the psychology of two murderers. He favored Perry Smith, even more, when he talked about how his unfortunate childhood influenced human life strongly, when he grew up, united, in tune with how Richard murdered. The last people who saw Herbert William Clutter’s exemplary family were many, but few who saw the last to see Hickock and Smith “alive”, “living” were true to the meaning of two human words, not like Truman said, “The case is a psychological incident, almost an act of indifference; just like the victims were struck by lightning, except for one thing: they had to go through prolonged terror, they suffered. ” Hickock and Smith died at their own deaths, only bare, two brutal mobile bodies, conspiracy to kill people.

“There is a human being that is not suitable for life”

The victim of the 4 shots was the exemplary Clutter family. Mr. Herbert William Clutter – Lung Song farm owner until his death still fulfills the responsibility of an exemplary father and trusted husband when not smoking and drinking alcohol, working hard at church, treating workers good enough to lend them money when they’re in need. That kind of man had an excellent wife and four children. The first two daughters, one married far away but very often visit home, one goes to school in Kansas. The other two children lived with Mr. Clutter: Kenyon was the only son but very polite, docile and his sister named Nancy, especially cute at the age of 16. She was a good model student at school, beloved by people around, or help other friends such as teaching people how to make cakes, playing the piano… The only person considered as the black mark of this exemplary family is the mother who seems to be “mentally ill”. cool ”spends most of his time in the room. Hickock and Smith killed Clutter’s house immediately with inhuman black guns. All 4 of them were tied with ropes and fired guns at their heads. Mr. Clutter had his throat cut before he was shot in the head. Nancy got shot in the head by Nancy when she was lying back to the wall, with a soft sheet covering the body. A thorny scene completely surrounded by death licked to the heels of people living in this peaceful, prosperous country.

Crime also has spaces

We often ask ourselves: Where did the crime come from? How are they born? How to dispel their shadow covered the living people in the name of authentic human? These answers are present in the helpless death of four ill-fated people and the unacceptable cruelty of the murderer and the burning of the conscience of the loser of the one who loses the human part in the left. his pristine heart when the novel closes. Truman with In Cold Blood makes us understand what this so-called hot-blooded species as we gradually lose in today’s mechanized world. That is humanity. Please do not in the name of the Lord to create dreams that liberate the violent, ruthless “child” within your heart. The guns replaced the blades, the blades, and then what else was it made to slay their fellowmen? In Cold BloodWe might find the spaces of crime by Hickock or Smith. After the Clutter case closed, behind the book Truman Capote also wrote about many different crimes with the murderers “polymorphic” but the reader will still hear a question forever.

In Cold Blood PDF download

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