Importance Of Video Marketing For Improving Digital Performance: A Guide

There is a reason why almost all digital marketing experts push for more videos in their content strategy. According to data, YouTube, one of the leading social platforms of our times, records more than 1 Billion Hours of video views every single day!

Whether it is in terms of boosting social media performance or contributing to SEO, video marketing can help a business improve its digital performance in multiple ways. 

In this resource article, we are going to look at certain important factors to support the increasing use of video marketing. 

Additionally, we are going to help brands that cannot invest in full-time video creation understand how stick videos from good platforms like Crello Unlimited can help. 

If you are a business that is looking to start video marketing on search and social, you should stick around till the end of the article. 

Video Marketing: Why it is an Engaging Medium?

When it comes to videos, there are two things that you need to know- 

  • The human mind is more responsive and attracted to watching and processing videos. 
  • The algorithms of search engines and social media allow for the maximum organic reach for videos. 

This means that for a business, carving out a special video marketing strategy is essential. Given the all-around competition between brands for the same set of target audiences, video marketing can help in- 

  1. Boosting credibility for the brand and its products/services since it appears to be more authentic than images or simple text. 
  2. As a form of content, video is more interactive and engaging and allows for more audience recall and engagements. 
  3. It has the ability to explain products and services better and clarifying doubts and questions in the minds of the consumers. 
  4. Given the advent of smartphones and a fast internet connection, videos have become far more accessible to audiences. 
  5. Videos are also a great way to pass time for the consumers and this helps them create an endearing relationship with the brands. 

Different Types of Videos Brands should start using on Social Media and Search Engines

In this section, we look at the three main types of videos brands should be using to promote their businesses- 

  1. Explainer Videos- 

Explainer videos can go a long way in boosting the promotion of a businesses’ products and services. It shows that the brand is willing to go out of its way to ensure that its customers better understand their business and how to do their products and services work. 

  1. Interview Videos- 

Interviews between the heads of the business and the customers through Q and A sessions can go a long way in ensuring that the brand values the inputs of its customers. It can help in introducing new products, comparing different services and so on. 

  1. Product Review Videos- 

This is one constant type of video that is a routine feature on the social media pages of brands. This helps gives an acute insight into the products and services of the brand. Many brands also try to use bloggers and influencers to share product reviews with their target audiences. 

  1. Live Streaming Videos- 

Probably the most authentic of all types of videos, Live Streaming is slowly emerging as one of the hottest video marketing strategies for brands. Most brands use Live Streaming to give an uncut insight into the real functioning and operations of brands. 

Why Small Businesses should use Stock Videos for their Video Marketing Strategy?

To be honest, creating high-quality videos that are beautifully choreographed, scripted and a shot is not an inexpensive thing to do. They require heavy investments and this is something that small businesses cannot afford. 

This is why depending on great platforms that can help out with stock videos can help do wonders to boost video marketing for a small business. 

The best platforms have thousands of videos to choose from. These can help in promoting products in a graphically interesting and engaging way. Using stock videos is far more beneficial than using simple images of creating image albums. 

This helps drives a lot of engagement and helps in the beautification of the social media pages. Brands can also use videos on their websites to create a far more engaging experience. 

The Final Word

There is no doubt that video marketing has become the next big thing in digital marketing. Most social media platforms have also started creating small video products like Reels (Instagram) that is making the engagement far more enriching. If you have any other questions that you require clarifications on, drop them in the comments section below. We will try to address the same as soon as possible. 

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